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Crystal® YOUth: Available as Combi-Set, Curcumin Serum or Resveratrol Lotion. The natural, sustainable care series for a young and vital appearance - anti-aging for every age.

Crystal® Resveratrol: Highly bioavailable, it unfolds its numerous positive effects in the body. It literally works against ageing, supports inflammation and neurodegenerative processes in the body. Numerous studies prove a key role in the protection against cancer.

90-day before-after study: A study with volunteers from 2016 impressively shows the efficacy and development of Crystal® YOUth products during 90 days of use.



Crystal® Vital Gel: Anti-aging, vitalizing and moisturizing gel for skin care and care of scar tissue and inflammation. Suitable for the whole body.


Crystal® Vital Gel in the shop

Crystal® Power Sirup: One tablespoon in the morning and one in the evening. For more vitality. Helps with psychological stress, migraine, sleep disorders, poor concentration and stomach and intestinal problems.

Arthrosis experience report: Personal experience report on the efficacy of curcumin / resveratrol in osteoarthritis.

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Crystal® Micronutrients: Plant extracts in liquid and water soluble form. These active ingredients are activated with Crystal® Activator to form a ready-to-drink solution. Due to the unique interaction in the two-component system, the organism can absorb and utilize the active ingredients in their entirety.

Crystal® Curcumin C3: The hype about the turmeric root has long been ignited - there are numerous pills and powders. We have the real solution - a few drops a day are enough to develop 100 times more efficacy than conventional preparations.


Crystal® Curcumin C3 liquid in the shop

The world-renowned biochemist Bharat Aggarwal on his studies on the efficacy of curcumin against cancer and autoimmune diseases.


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Crystal® Pet Energy is a ready-to-eat water-based paste with natural thickeners for animals, specially formulated for your dog's digestive system. An optimal dietary supplement for your pet.


Crystal® Pet Energy in the shop

TV Schweiz 5: Broadcast from 30.08.2016. Live and observe nature. Fourth TV series with Daniel Flühler on the subject of the highest biological availability of phytochemicals.

Naturally healthy animals blog: Our dietary supplements for animals are characterised by the fact that they are water-soluble thanks to a patented process and therefore have a particularly high bioavailability.
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Animal health

Activates the skin from the inside

Preventing signs of aging

Worldwide unique

Grateful with the intake

Only liquid arrives

Arrives in the cell

Highly effective with 2 Compounds

Animals do not know a Placebo



Hotline Germany: +49 (0) 2591 253 2990

Hotline Switzerland: +41 (0) 41 588 0233

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